RS Material Handling Inc. teams with Rack Net-Works to provide North America’s leader in pallet rack engineering and expert inspections. Rack Net-Works is the only warehouse storage pallet racking engineering/inspection services firm to receive the full ISO 9001 certification.

Each rack damage point is assigned a bar code number and detailed digital images are supplied. The detailed inspection reports provide individual severity ratings for each damage point. Specific recommendations are made as to how each damage point should be repaired – or if replacement of the damaged part is necessary. All inspection reports are carefully reviewed and sealed. We work throughout Canada and the United States on facilities of all sizes and complexities.

Repair Damaged Racking and Reduce Risk

RS Material Handing Inc. and RNW provides customers with top quality products to help ensure a safe work environment. In high risk areas, it is important for facilities to install damage-resisting guards that help reduce the risk of structural damage and failure. Our repair products are certified by our Professional Engineers and are fully Ministry of Labour compliant.

PSR (Pre-start health and Safety Review)

A PSR Capacity Report (Pre-start health & Safety Review) is required in all provinces and states. Employers may not load or operate pallet racking systems until a PSR Capacity Report has been completed and sealed by a Professional Engineer.

A PSR Capacity Report is a technical document that ensures racking structures are compliant with local laws and regulations. The report evaluates the workmanship of the installation and the overall structural integrity of the racking structures.

Sample Rack Inspection Report