Pallet rack safety bars are used to prevent pallets from falling through beams to lower levels causing rack and perhaps even employee harm. They are also commonly referred to as Cross Bars, Skid Supports and Pallet Bar Supports. These bars are essential parts of any pallet racking system.

There two types of safety bar configurations; snap-in and hook-over as illustrated below:

Hook-over Safety Bars

Snap-In Safety Bars snap into place on pre-punched, built-in step beams. The safety bar locks in place, providing maximum protection for people and equipment.

Precision formed from high strength steel, it’s able to withstand years of abuse. Snap-in Safety Bars meet CSA standards without requiring mechanical fastening like Rack Safety Clips.

Snap-in Safety Bar

Hook-over safety bars work with both Box Beams and Step Beams. Manufactured from the same high strength steel as rack beams, Hock-Over Safety Bars are made to fit 40 mm or 50 mm beam depths.

Each safety bar comes with a pre-punched hole for mechanically fastening the safety bar to the beam with rack safety clips.

Pallet Rack Safety Bar Images