Pick Modules are complex structures for storage and picking in high throughput distribution centres and warehouse storage facilities. Pick module systems tend to be multi-level structures with various conveyor systems running throughout to move products from picking areas to shipping areas.

Pick modules are generally designed with pallet rack bases, but can be shelving based:

Pallet rack based pick module
  • Ideal for high throughput case and piece pick operations
  • These pick module systems may us pallet flow, carton flow and shelving products
  • Can be built as 2, 3 and 4 tier systems to suit your storage requirements
  • Custom designed and engineered
Shelving based pick module
  • Ideal for operations with a high number of SKU’s involving small parts storage and piece pick operations
  • Multi-tier systems can be built to suit specific requirements
  • Ideal for automotive and electronics distribution, pharmaceutical and eCommerce

Pick Module Images