Our mission is to provide the best value solutions consisting of superior products, engineering, and services; at competitive pricing for every material handling application that we undertake.


Located at our NEW 8000 SQ FT BUILDING IN AUGUST 2007. We are located at 47 Commerce Place Unit 2, just minutes from the QEW. A computer Aided Design system with AUTOCAD software slashes product design time. Drawings and specifications can be transmitted between plant and customers over the telephone via mail in a matter of minutes. Orders are shipped as scheduled.


RS Material Handling has the personnel and technology to deliver anything from basic transportation conveyors to computer-controlled, fully automated, work-in-process production lines and distribution centers; to simple lift tables, wrapper or rack system.

Customer Base

Approximately 95% of our volume is comprised of material handling components sold to our customers. The balance is install and service.

RS Material Handling operating philosophy is to provide the finest material handling equipment and services available anywhere.
Services Offered

We Provide all services required in the design, manufacture and delivery of material handling components and systems. Specifically, these services include:

  • Material handling requirement analysis
  • Material handling systems planning
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing of modular components
  • Turnkey installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator and maintenance training
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