Boltless Pallet Racking System

End Frames:
End frames consist of two multi-formed posts with floor bearing plates. The bracing is fully welded on both sides to the post and repeats every 42" / 1047mm, providing for maximum rigidity. The End Frame must be adequate to carry the combined load of all load beams. Safety factor on all End Frams is 1.92 to 1.

Load Beams are of two piece construction assembled to form a tubular boxed section. The excellent strength to weight ratio permits maximum economy and weight reduction.

Beams are available in 'Box Type' or 'Step Down Type'. Box beams are for pallets and large items. The step down beams allow for deck channels and shelf panels and other accessories.
Canturion System
Easy assembly - Easily assembled free-standing contilever racking consisis of only 3 basic parts:

1. Single or double-sided columns complete with base.
2. Arms complete with locking pin.
3. Vertical brace panels.


1. All welded single or double-sided columns come complete with base.
2. Tapered columns elminate deflection of the rack into the aisles.
3. Tapered design gives optimum strength where it is required-at bases of columns and roots of arms.
4. Tapered arms give maximum clearance for the operator-never deflects below the horizontal.
5. Arms easily adjust to any hieght on 3" centers.
6. Easy access to products without costly skids, pallets or fork entry devices.
7. One piece, all welded vertical brace panel for easy assembly.
8. Orange arms optional at no additional cost.

Boltless Steel Shelving K Series

The unique boltless clip wraps around the front face of the post to provide maximum rigidity. A positive vertical stop is assured as the clip locks through the slots. The upper section of the clip supports the shelf along two edges and firmly grips the corner of the shelf. All shelves are supported independently and can be adjusted on 2' /51mm centres. All K Series shelving components are finished in baked enamel grey.