- Gravity
- Lineshaft Powered
- Chain Driven Line Roller
- Belt
- Table Top
- Pallet Handling Conveyors
- Carton Flow

Lift Tables
- Ergonimic solution to product movement, lifting and positioning
- Product longevity
- More efficient operations
- Increased versatility
- Wider product application
- Simplified product selection
- Elimiates downtime
- Easy maintenance
- Reduced worker fatigue

Racking and Shelving
- Designed with more steel for maximum strength. Built to high quality engineering and manufacturing standards
- Each multiformed post of the end frame has eight bends to provide exeptional rigidity and column strength. Punching on 3" vertical centres permit repositioning of beams as required
- The boltless connector has a three way wrap around with a six point contact design, double the number of some comparable systems. it's strong, rigid and easy to assemble.
- All AR series components are manufactured from high strength steel. This permits higher loading capacities with less weight for ease of installation and greater economy.
- RS material handling offers you a complete range of Pallet Racking Systems, designed to optimize use of storage space. All full line of pre-engineered standard sizes and capacities are availabe or have our engineering staff custom design your system.

- Powered prestretch film carriage elongates film 245% (standard)
- Wraps pallet loads (55" x 55" max.) weighing up to 4,000 pounds
- Automatically adjusts for various load heights (up to 84" maximum)
- Variable turntable rotation speed with a maximum of 14 RPM
- Forklift portable base design for easy machine transport
- All structual steel construction for years of dependable service
- 11-caster DuraGlide turntable support system is quiet and mainenance-free
- Non- proprietary replacement parts can be purchased locally or from dealer
- Self-threading Insta-Thread carriage makes loading film fast, safe and easy
- Revo-Logic technology assures precise number of top/bottom wraps
- Adjustable film roping bar for strong interlocking of load to pallet
- Full steel surrounding base frame (L-66S only)

ATIS Lift Device
- Vertical movement of a parallelogram
- Handling of loads, even projecting in any direction without constraints
- Do not require electrical power but only compressed air at 5-7 bar
- Cancels the weight of the product to be handled

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