The manipulators ATISmirus , parallelogram with vertical movement, allow the handling of loads, even projecting in any direction without constraints, with extreme ease and precision.

Equipment can be integrated with custom made, designed and structured according to specific customer requirements.

Such equipment may in turn be equipped with pneumatic hand movements or by groups, necessary for the execution of the movement cycle.

Appropriately sized according to the required performance and grip equipment applied, the manipulators ATISmirus enables you to move loads with extreme ease, according to the operator in every movement.

The manageability and functionality of the system are obtained by keeping in the forefront of the design phase the operator's needs, which are considered by our staff an integral part of the key specifications of the product being handled.

The pneumatic manipulators ATISmirus parallelogram are available in configurations, column fixed to the floor, a column with base autostable, fixed roof or ceiling sliding guides.

The pneumatic manipulator ATIS does not require electrical power but only network of compressed air at 5-7 bar. This implies a substantial reduction in installation time surely simplifying the operations of the operating set-up.